Ruisheng ZHANG(张瑞升)


Master of Engineering,
Big Data Analysis Group,
State Key Laboratory of Software Development Environment,
School of Computer Science and Enigneering,
Beihang University (BUAA)
Haidian, Beijing, China

Ruisheng Zhang is currently a post-graduate student in school of computer science and engineering at Beihang University(BUAA), under the supervision of Prof. Yongxin Tong and Prof. Ke Xu. He formerly received a B.Eng. degree in Hua Luogeng Class of Mathematics, at Beihang University in 2020.

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  2. [JOS 2022] Lü WF, Zheng ZM, Tong YX, Zhang RS, Wei SY, Li WH. "Intelligent System for Distributed Social Governance based on Big Data", Journal of Software, 2022, 33(3): 931–949. (CCF A类) PDF
  1. Second Prize of American College Students' Mathematical Contest in Modeling

  2. Second Prize of Beihang University Academic Scholarship

  1. Research Intern, Gauss Laboratory(2012 Laboratories) of Huawei